RIP: Ultimate Warrior

WCM is sad to report the stunning news that, only days after his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and 24 hours after a triumphant appearance on RAW, Ultimate Warrior (who worked as Dingo Warrior in WCCW in the mid-1980s) passed away Tuesday evening at age 54. According to TMZ, Warrior collapsed while walking with his wife to his car outside an Arizona hotel; he was pronounced dead after being transported to a hospital.

We join the entire pro wrestling industry and fanbase in mourning the passing of Warrior, one of the sport's true legends. May he rest in peace.

A Brief Word About the WWE Network...

As many of you are undoubtedly already aware, it's unclear how much, if any, WCCW content (or content from any of the pre-1990s territories) will be available when WWE Network launches on Monday. As of this writing, all that has been officially announced as far as archived shows are the complete PPVs of WWE, WCW and ECW. This is reportedly because the company wants to make sure the Network's servers can handle the expected bandwidth load before gradually adding more programming.

Viewers will not be able to subscribe to the service until Monday morning at 9:00 EST. Therefore, if you've considered subscribing ONLY for the WCCW shows (and/or other shows from the old territorial promotions), you may wish to hold off until it becomes known what is and is not initially available. As my interest in pro wrestling is by no means limited to World Class, I plan on being one of the first subscribers on Monday and will post a rundown of what the Network is offering as soon as possible after it goes live. We'll also keep you advised in the future of any WCCW programming the network adds to its menu.

Thanks, and keep on keeping those World Class memories alive! -- ISE Guy

RIP: George Scott

We're sad to report that former WCCW booker George Scott died yesterday of lung cancer at age 84.

As a wrestler, Scott is best remembered by older Texas fans as The Great Scott, the tag team partner of Tim "Mr. Wrestling" Woods in 1970-71. The pair defeated Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch to win the American Tag titles on December 15, 1970, but lost the straps to Bronko Lubich and Chris Markoff only a month or so later.

Scott became the booker for Jim Crockett Promotions in 1973 after retiring due to an injury and is credited with turning the Carolinas into one of the country's hottest territories. He also booked WWE during the Hulkamania/Rock 'n' Wrestling era, joining the promotion just as it was beginning its push to go national in late 1983.

After losing his WWE job due to a dispute with Hulk Hogan, Scott booked for a number of other promotions (including WCCW), usually for only a short time. Unfortunately, Scott's stint with World Class was not successful; attendance had plummeted to the low hundreds by the time he arrived in August 1986, and he was not able to turn things around during his brief stay. He remained with WCCW only through the end of that year and was replaced as booker by Bruiser Brody.

WCM joins the entire pro wrestling industry in mourning the loss of George Scott, one of its crucial figures during the 1970s and '80s. May he rest in peace.

FAQ: WWE Network

I've been hearing a lot about the upcoming WWE Network. Will it include WCCW programming?

One of the things many World Class fans have long wished for is the chance to once again view the promotion's TV shows in their complete original form.  Well, friends, it's taken quite a while for such a thing to become technologically feasible at a reasonable price...but all indications are that your ship has finally come in!

WWE Network, for those who don't follow the promotion, is an "over the top" internet based service (similar to video-on-demand services offered by Amazon, Netflix, etc.) which will premiere on February 24.  For $9.99 per month (with a six-month commitment), it offers access to all WWE programming, past and present -- including its live pay-per-view events -- plus all material from WCW, ECW and the defunct territorial promotions whose video libraries WWE has purchased over the years. (The two territories you likely won't be seeing on WWE Network anytime soon are Memphis and Houston, whose ownership has been entangled in legal disputes for years.)  It's not yet known if any or all World Class programming will be available from day one, but as you can clearly see at 6:13 of WWE Network's demonstration video, WCCW is one of the options in its Vault section!

For full details, see soon you (like us!) will be able to indulge in WCCW binge viewing to your heart's content!